My wife killed the TV

Life is meant to be experienced. That’s my wife’s mantra for anything. She doesn’t want diamonds, furs, or a new car, she wants experiences. We make a good fit since I too look at everything good or bad as an experience. So when a month ago she told me she was going to get rid of cable TV I took it as a challenge. Can I/you/me/we live and find entrainment online that is the same or in some cases better than the spoon fed 350 channels we have right now?

Kill_Your_TelevisionThe idea of doing something just to experience it is nothing new, I once spent a year without a car just to learn what it was like to have to use public transportation. Which in Southern California let me tell you is not easy.

So now I sit on a Monday afternoon two days left till the magic box is turned off, and I’ve accepted it. As a recent statistic I went back to school to learn audio, and explore the field of music / audio so it’s only natural that I’d look for music online. Well I’m here to tell you I not only found music, but I’m in musical overload. From listening to a live concert by Adele, to some new music from NPR, to the complete Foo Fighters Storyteller’s from VH1, to sitting and listening to a live stream of the Roots Picnic from Philadelphia.

I’ll say it now, and those who follow me might have seen the “Kill Your TV” tweets, but you’ll find a whole world of online content that not only as good, but better than hours of flipping you do everyday.

My goal over the next months is to find those dark places on the internet that the cable companies don’t want us to know about and be an active consumer of my entertainment, and not just a 350 channel flipper that says, “There’s nothing on!!”

If you know some great places to find content let me know, and we can all kill ours TV’s together.

Replace your television & become an active consumer.


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Simon is the creator of Osomotley. A student of life, surfer, audio producer, & storyteller. Currently living in San Diego with his wife of 9 yrs, and one very old dog that he calls his best friend on fours.

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