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I sit here a week after the elections here in San Diego and lament the fact I did not speak up or start something I believe could be a wildfire. I was raised on television. It was always on in my house, be it the news, some program or whatever. If I was not allowed to watch TV it meant I could not watch my shows so I would sit and enjoy Nature, Nova, or the PBS News Hour.

A year ago my wife and I decided to not have cable TV in our house. We felt the TV distracted us from our life together. We feel looking outside, going to Balboa Park, or walking down the street for dinner to be much more important then DWTS, or American Idol. We have ways to watch our favorite shows but choose when we and where via a 17″ laptop, the one I’m writing this now. Hulu, and Crackled come to mind as main resources as to when and how we watch and consume media.

spam-buttonsSitting on the outside of standard media has not meant I am without access to the elections, but that I choose what I listen to. You can do this too. It’s called turning off the television or hitting the mute button.

If your like me and tired of all the money being spent on elections these days, just mute the ads. Put up that remote and don’t listen to the spam. That’s all it is pure and simple spam wrapped up in political red white and blue.

The right to vote is a powerful tool we have to keep our elected officials in check don’t let them mess with your decision by putting a shinie wrapper on that can of government produced meat.

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