Following Is Not Friending

I recently took over a Twitter and Facebook account for my friends film and production company. The Facebooking was fine, a lot of posts, more related to christianity, then skateboarding for me, but I’ve started moving the brand back toward skating and a more  broad audience.

ducks-followingWell that was Facebook, now for Twitter. It turns out the guy who was running stuff had no idea what Twitter is capable of, and how really to connect the brand. So here I step in and low and behold the people handling the account were following anyone and everyone. We had a lot of look at me take a picture of myself in the mirror. A number of I hate you and the world folks. A few I only follow you if you follow me, and this is the topper note the above in it being a christian movie and production company, the account  was following an editor in the adult industry. WOW right.

Well this leads me to the topic. Twitter is not Facebook, you don’t and should not follow anyone and everyone. You as a social media expert need to be selective in who your brand follows. This not only allows you to have a clean feed for connecting with content your followers are looking for, but this also sets the stage for application that sum your feed into daily and weekly publications.

Take a look at any sporting company, you as a Twitter users are expecting that if that brand is large enough and respected, that the people they are following are a good default list for you to find celebrities, persons of note, and expert sources such as magazine and publications.

So consider this when you are looking at who to follow because Twitter is not Facebook, you don’t and should not connect with everyone, and you’re not expected to, or you too could end up with a feed and user list full of video editors in the adult industry.

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