Schedule that Tweet

Tweeting too much can be a bad thing. I just recently un-followed two people who for some reason or another decided to push out 10 plus tweets over a 20 minute span. Why do people do this? The reason… they don’t use a tweet scheduler like Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is a great web application that allows you store tweet templates, schedule tweets, search, dig into profiles, and manage multiple profiles all in one place.

schedule-tweetWhy am I telling you this? Well I don’t want to see you lose followers over something so simple as tweeting too much. Now there is a user I know who posts three tweets back to back to back. In that case they are claiming a place on your feed, and it’s a great way to get a click-through, but I don’t recommend everyone do this.

As we all know a tweet occupies a space and time on your feed. Yes we can search, but how often are we searching unless the topic is something we check often. So how do I schedule mine. In a number of cases if I find something worth sharing I won’t re-tweet it right away, most of the time I pick a time 10 or 15 minutes in the future. Why? Well that first tweet took the time and space that is now, and one of your best shots at claiming the space is to look forward in time and clam that space.

Not driving your followers away is also a great use of scheduling. The act of tweeting lets say 20 posts over the period of 20 minutes tells me your not engaging but for a small window of time. So why do I want to interact with someone who looks at tweeter as something they do for 30 minutes a day and then never look at again. I mean really why would I want to follow a person like that. Instead I want to engage with people who over the period of their day check in, tweet, and comment. But you see if you had scheduled your tweets no one will ever know your just sitting down with that morning cup of coffee and your favorite tweeter application.

Check out Hootsuite for all it’s features, or check into your favorite tweeter client. Chances are scheduling your tweets will make you life easier and allow you to get back to doing real work.

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