Protool 8.0.4 Installed with Mbox 3 Interface for the Mac

So after a lot of research, and a ton of questions, I jumped in and purchased Protools 8.0.4. I went with the Mbox 3 for an interface since it has a lot of great reviews all over the net. Just google Mbox 3 on YouTube, and you’ll find some helpful videos.

  • So now for the install. Make sure you follow these step by step, or you might end up with some funky result. Restarting often is always a good thing. Note these steps are for a Mac.
  • Fully update your Mac Operating System.
  • Don’t hook anything up just yet that part is coming.
  • Install the software. This might take about 30 mins or so depending.
  • Reset after you are prompt.
  • Turn off your computer, and hook up the Mbox. Woot now the fun part.
  • Restart and update Protools.
  • Restart again, just to make sure your good.
  • Install these Mbox 3 drivers. This is super important your Mbox 3 will not have all the kewl functionally if you don’t install these drivers. Note these drivers are for an IMac running Snow Leopard 10.6.6. Windows user might want to read this thread.

That’s it, you should now be rock’n and roll’n now. Any questions or comment, feel free to post…

2 thoughts on “Protool 8.0.4 Installed with Mbox 3 Interface for the Mac

  1. Bonjour,

    mon imac n’arrive pas a reconnaitre ma mbox 3, j’ai essayer de mètre un disc dur firewire et de la chainé avec elle fonctionne parfaitement , mais sans le disc dur elle ne fonctionne pas bizar ?

    Pouvez vous m’aider si il vous plait ??

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